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According to the FBI, a property crime occurs approximately every 3.5 seconds in the United States. Burglary results in a dollar loss averaging $2,119 per incident. Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.

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Security Systems

Precision Technology Services offers security systems to provide you with peace of mind. With today's state of the art equipment, the options are virtually limitless. Each system is designed specifically to fit your needs.


Surveillance Systems

Precision Technology Services refuses to cut corners when it comes to your surveillance needs. We thoroughly evaluate your home or business to provide a customized system to get you results.


24/7 Monitoring

Precision Technology Services has partnered with a UL listed central station to alert you and the proper authorities in the event of a break in, a medical condition, an environmental condition change, or a process failure.


TV / Phone / Data Wiring

Precision Technology Services realizes a well-designed and efficient telecommunications backbone is crucial for any home or business. In today's connected world let our team help you design and install your optimal home / office network wiring.